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Newsbook virus-filtrated service make you work smoothly


Over hundred Virus-emails received in your mailbox, afraid your computer will be infected and caused computer down, thus slow down your working speed? Don’t worry. Newsbook can help you! Recently, there is a new virus “Mydoom” being active, interrelated attack all mail accounts. Everyday receiving hundred such mails is not strange, but the most awful thing is that letter format is changed all times, some even use tricky method to attract you open the virus file that really cannot be avoided. To prevent it, a completed anti-virus system should be used.

 Newsbook see this serious problem, specify introduced a free virus-filtrated service. Client who registered using Newsbook’s email or any web hosting service can freely use this anti-virus system, let you work smoothly and heart-easing.

 If client have any query about the above content, you may go to, or call 27820197 for details.




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