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You get award-winning Managed Hosting , Dedicated Hosting, Co-location, and Network services offered through 10 data center across Hong Kong, China.

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Newsbook intend to acquire those companies with same business in Hong Kong


Newsbook Limited founded in 1998, and till now over 8 years, customers increase rapidly, and total number of customer is over ten thousands. Our bandwidth and service quality are rated the best Web Hosting provider in Hong Kong. We have now grown to become one of the biggest - fifth B2B ISP in Hong Kong. We own the first-class broadband network technologies, experienced technical and networking staff, adaptive and smart co-operation mentality, state-of-the-art networking equipment, strong consulting and application development capability, these are all the successful factors of Newsbook.

 According to the need of expanded business, Newsbook intend to acquire those companies with same business in Hong Kong. If you plan to close business or re-sale it to us, in the same time you have over 100 customers, please feel free to contact Newsbook for detailed discussion. Hope this acquires will greatly increase the number of users, and Newsbook is willing to provide good quality service to more customers.

 Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art services and technology to the benefit of the business and the Internet community in Hong Kong. Through our high capacity Internet exchange functions and application software, and also the experienced technical and networking staff, interactive multimedia services can be provided in an open and cost effective manner. We determined "customers come first" as our service manner. We believe this action is a good new to both the same business and also their customers. Since through this action, the resale company can transfer business to a trustable company, and also their customer can continue enjoy the best service. Both sides may also have benefit. Itís so great!

 If you are interested in the above content, you can feel free to contact us by telephone number 2782 0197, or e-mail to for enquiry.




Room 1, 1/F, Hung Tai Bldg, 37-39, Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong (Property of Newsbook Group)

Tel:(852)27820197 Fax:(852)23967073 E-mail:

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